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Our ability to communicate with our clients is what sets us apart from other strength training studios. The free flow of energy and motivation from coach to client is the key to health and fitness gains. The studios are designed to put our clients at ease while also promoting a positive & vigorous workout experience. It's why we retain our clients for as long as we do. We design & deliver your HEALTH! 

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You and your trainer will work in a private, immaculate & completely fortified studio with all of the equipment & space necessary to accomplish a thorough, uninterrupted 45 minute workout. Zero contact with other gym goers.


Strength Training Done Safely

As an approach to health and fitness, Functional Strength Training(FST) just makes sense. Unless you are a professional athlete(and even if you are!), you'll benefit from a style of training that compliments a lifestyle that most of us live; a combination of career, family, friends and seasonally competitive sports. FST allows you to perform life's movements with greater ease, more vigor, and less susceptibility to injury. Our clients specialize in living life to the fullest. Your Charged! training experience is private, safe and customized by a certified instructor. Are you a runner, golfer, busy executive, multi-tasking parent, or likely some combination of all of these? In order to keep yourself in the game for the long haul, your body will need help maintaining strength, balance and flexibility. Contact Charged! to set up your free consultation and training session. We look forward to working with you. Contact Us



Certified Health Coach

Experience the remarkable benefits of working with a health coach to achieve optimal life balance. Click here for more information: Integrative Health Coaching


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